Talking to Angels

Grandmas like to say that when children smile in their sleep, they are talking to angels.  It makes sense, really.  If you were an angel, wouldn’t you prefer to talk to babies with their simple-minded innocence instead of adults with their complex thoughts and flaws?

If that’s true, Kohl has had numerous conversations with our winged friends.

The angels seem to like him too because now they are telling him jokes, and he has moved from smiles to full-fledged laughter. Neither his parents, nor his friends, nor any of his acquaintances have been able to make the little fellow giggle during his waking hours, but he must be talking to some pretty hysterical angels during sleepy time.  My guess is it was this angel.

Other than frequent conversations with God’s celestial attendants, the little man has had an active several weeks with its ups and downs.  His parents embarrassed him during Easter by taking a family photo with a live bunny and placing him in an Easter basket.  He also had to stay overnight at the hospital because of a fever.  But he got to go to his first French Quarter Fest where he enjoyed all the sights and sounds.

It’s a giant, flesh-colored peep
This picture is undoubtedly embarrassing for Kohl’s parents.  But it pales in comparison to the level of embarrassment Kohl will feel when he sees this photo repeatedly as an angst-filled teen.
Dreaming about the days he can eat solid foods so that he too can enjoy a cochon de lait poboy from “Love At First Bite”
Mesmerized by the hypnotic sound of Trombone Shorty

And of course, he continues to enjoy quality time with his family, including all of his grandparents who so graciously offer to babysit at the drop of a hat.  Grandparents, as it turns out, make outstanding baby sitters.  As the picture and video below demonstrate, the elderly, despite being advanced in years, still can be playful and energetic.

Leave a comment if you are interested in hiring these two.  Their rates are quite reasonable.

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