Homeward Bound

No parent ever wants to brag about how much their child drank over the weekend… but Kohl drank himself under the table. During the last couple of weeks, Mom and Dad have been monitoring how many CCs of breast milk Kohl drinks very closely because his trip home to Chateau du Chrestman depends most largely on his ability to drink from the bottle instead of getting his nutrients through the nasal gastric (“NG”) tube.  He started slow — taking 5 CCs here, 13 CCs there.  But almost sensing Abbie the dog’s yearning for Kohl’s arrival home, the little man stepped up his game this weekend and got the hang of bottle feeding.

Mom marvels at the empty bottle that was previously filled with 70 CCs of pure gold.  Kohl is content on mommy’s lap, and there is a strong likelihood that he was filling up his diaper as this photo was being taken.
Diaper and wardrobe changes no longer phase this miniature Al Bundy

He did so well over the weekend and on Monday that his NG tube got removed, and he gets to go home this Thursday!  Here are a few pics of Kohl sans NG tube:

Looking for binky
Binky found

Other weekend highlights included being held for the first time by numerous aunts and uncles and letting out a fart so loud that he startled himself.  He and Abbie the Dog already have something in common.

Employing an unorthodox baby-holding technique, Uncle Andrew is infatuated with his tiny friend
After showing Uncle Andrew the more traditional way to hold a baby, Aunt Brooke displays a knack for motherhood
Aunt Allison is thrilled to hold her nephew for the first time.  Kohl loves his Aunt Allison too, and if he continues to drink his milk at the rate he is, he will quickly tower over Aunt Allison’s commanding 5-foot frame
Kohl knows that his Uncle Mark is a good guy but is visibly upset when he sees Uncle Mark’s “Bama Bangs” and discovers that he rolls with the tide.  But Kohl looks forward to having the last laugh and getting to make fun of his Uncle Mark after Nick Saban leaves Alabama for a failed bout with a weak Big Ten school sending the Tide back to the irrelevant state in which they belong.  Tiger Bait!

Mom and Dad are elated and cannot wait to be clueless about what to do with their newborn baby at night when the fantastic NICU nurses aren’t there to supervise.  The best way to learn how to swim, however, is to jump in the deep end.  Deep end, here we come.

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