Great Big Lily Pad in the Sky

Floyd In MemoriamBREAKING NEWS: It has just been confirmed that Floyd 1.0 has died. Witnesses report that Floyd 1.0 stopped singing mid-song. Despite extraordinary efforts to change batteries, the house supervisor was unable to save him. “The batteries were quickly changed, but it was too late. He let out one last ‘do to do d-“, and he was gone. Just like that,” the matron of Chateau du Chrestman confirmed. Even though Floyd 1.0 outlived Floyds 2, 3, and 4.0, friends believed him to be invincible.

“He was just so full of love and joi de vie. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a love so deep as to what Kohl and Floyd 1.0 shared,” stated Abbie the Dog. “We all thought that love was going to carry him on even though his umbrella was broken, arms severed, and he was no longer able to dance. His heart was strong to the very end. His body just gave out,” said the Drew Brees doll choking back tears. The Anthony Davis doll was too upset to comment other than to say that Floyd had welcomed him at the Chateau from the beginning.image2

In accordance with protocol, “Plan Lily Pad” was executed. A procession to bring his successor, Floyd 5.0, to Chateau du Chrestman was led by Pop and followed by no one. Floyd 5.0 arrived 45 minutes after Floyd 1.0’s passing. A memorial service was held in the living room, one of his favorite rooms which played host to most of his performances and where he spent the majority of his time. Kohl’s mom Sarah, sister Amelia, and uncle U.C.Dubs joined Abbie the Dog and Kohl to pay their respects.


Kohl mourning

Friends and family recalled happier times of when Kohl would kick and sing along with Floyd 1.0 and how Floyd’s umbrella and raincoat actually protected him during Kohl’s projectile vomiting stage prior to Kohl’s nissen fundoplication. After paying his own respects, Floyd 5.0 has assumed his duty of singing and dancing. He has a large rain coat to fill.


Amelia pays her respects



As the news of Floyd 1.0’s passing broke out, messages of comfort and condolences began to pour in. Toasts from around the world are helping to ease the pain of losing a best friend and family member.





A toast from Colorado



A toast from Gulfport


Team Chrestman issued the following statement:

It is with heavy hearts that Team Chrestman announces that our beloved Floyd the Frog has passed away. At 4:58p on Sunday, August 09, 2015, Floyd 1.0 passed away peacefully surrounded by family doing what he loved best – singing to his best friend forever Kohl.

Floyd 1.0 was approximately 3 years old. He joined Kohl and the Gang in 2012 from Cuddle Barn. His interests included singing and dancing, and he was best known for his rendition of “Singing in the Rain”. He leaves behind Colorado Floyd with Cousin Cameron and his successor Floyd 5.0.

Kohl has asked that you take a moment of silence in honor of Floyd 1.0 and to please hold your plush singing animals tightly. You just never know when the last song is to come. Sing on sweet Floyd 1.0. Sing on, and enjoy the great big lily pad in the sky.

A memorial fund has been created by Amazon.

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  1. Hollis says:

    NOOOO!!!!! This is heartbreaking!!!!!! Kohl was the bestest friend that frog ever could have!!!! Xoxox to floyd & kohl

  2. Colleen says:

    my favorite post to date (sorry andy)!!!

  3. Joan says:

    So sad to hear of the demise of Floyd 1.0 (wonderfully descriptive tho’). Makes me think of the well-known poem “The Life and Death of a Frog” .. which goes simply …. He croaked!

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