Farewell 2012

2012 was a rough year for Team Chrestman.  It started out with Kohl’s turbulent beginning, which was simultaneously the best and worst experience of our lives to date.  It was truly a life-defining experience that will present us with both immense challenges and overwhelming joys for the rest of our lives.  Challenges with Kohl were punctuated with other family problems in the extended Chrestman clan from divorce to depression to breast cancer.

And the torturous football seasons the Saints and LSU had added insult to injury.  It may seem trite to mention something so ultimately unimportant as football with such serious issues, but we take our football seriously in these parts.  Pathetic though it may be, our emotional well being between the months of September and January depends largely on how the Saints and LSU are doing. Indeed, the emotional plight of Saints and LSU fans this year was not lost on Kohl.

“It’s Gameday, bitches”
“Wake me up next season.”

But it was not all bad.  There have been scores of happy memories, and our family, which was already a tight-knit bunch, has become even closer.  Many of those happy memories are memorialized on this blog.  More recently, Kohl celebrated his first Christmas in which he enjoyed meeting new friends, watching Pop open his personalized blanket and teaching his Dad that Christmas is different when you have kids by being constipated and forcing him to pull several turtleheads out of his butt.  ‘Twas a special Christmas indeed.

Kohl pictured with friends Maddox and Fleming.  The word “swagger” does not do them justice.
The Reuben blanket.  Providing warmth and entertainment since December 2012.

We divide our sorrows and multiply our joys with our family and friends.  For that, we are thankful.

We are also hoping and praying for a more uneventful 2013.  We are so confident that this year will be special that we have decided to  formally chronicle all of the cool shit that happens.  We will do this through the “Cool Shit Jar.”

Anytime something good happens, we write it down and place it in the “Cool Shit Jar.”  That way, by the time December 31, 2013 rolls around, we will have a veritable cornucopia of cool shit to read about and celebrate.  Cheesy you say?  If by “cheesy,” you mean glorious, then yes, I suppose this exercise is cheesy.  If anyone is still following this blog by December 31st, I promise to post all of the Chrestman’s cool shit.  I encourage you all to do the same.

Have a wonderful 2013, everyone!

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