Vacation Begins

Mom is exhausted and Dad is pretty tired.  But Kohl is exceptionally well-rested.  Having grown weary of the highly-regimented schedule at Children’s Hospital, Kohl much prefers the amenities offered by Chateau du Chrestman, the finest B&B in town.  There are complimentary walks in City Park, plenty of different lighting to be fascinated by, vibrating chairs that play cool music and the best part . . .  a 24-hour buffet in which he can take as much (or as little) as he wants, WHENEVER he wants.  This place is paradise.  Maybe one day, he will be appreciative of the hard-working staff at the Chateau.  But probably not any time soon.  Until then, he will enjoy customer service at its finest.

“All reality shows.  TV really has gone down the tubes.  Dad, I can’t reach the remote, so come change the channel.  And be quick about it.”
“This creature smells a bit like my dirty diapers.  But I do fancy her.”
Tummy time.  Not bad

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