Stimulate to Communicate

As time goes on, Kohl’s ability to “coo” becomes more refined.  It is amusing to watch his surprise as he discovers that when he opens his mouth, noise can come out of it.  Incidentally, noise has not stopped coming out of his mom’s mouth since she made the same discovery approximately 29 years ago.  Here is a brief video of Kohl giving a half-hearted effort at communication.  He is usually a bit more talkative, but he seems to be a little camera shy.  Or maybe he just derives pleasure from not cooperating with his parents.

In the panoply of doctor and therapist visits Kohl has had, one common theme is that given his brain injury and our desire to maximize his neurological development, it is paramount that he get as much stimulation as possible.  We talk to him constantly (again, this presents no issue at all for the likes of Kohl’s mom and his nanna), sing to him (presents no issue for his dad), and read to him.

The last time we opened up the floor for some suggestions on this blog on how to calm a crying baby, we did not receive many, but the few that we did receive were of exceptionally high quality.  So, this post is another plea to our vast readership for advice.  So what are the best ways to stimulate your child?

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