Smoking Some Developmental Milestones

Life is full of tests.  They start on day one when you are poked and prodded and given an APGAR score. Then you go to school and take thousands of formal tests.  Then you get tested for the rest of your life in more informal ways, such as the “listening” test, which Kohl’s dad frequently fails. This is the one that is administered just about every day by Kohl’s mom that measures the ability to listen to and correctly process long-winded stories rife with superfluous detail.  There are many ways to fail this test, such as asking questions that were previously answered 32 seconds ago, not making eye contact and muttering responses that suggest that the listener was not actually listening.

But whereas Kohl’s dad continues to miserably fail the listening and numerous other tests, Kohl continues to excel at the game of life.  He will be three months old in just a few short days, so we recently pulled out our chart containing some “loose guidelines” for developmental milestones and were pleased to see that Kohl is hitting all of them.  The list of milestones is somewhat long and boring, but here are a few highlights of milestones that Kohl is dominating:

  • Holds head up approximately 45 degrees while on stomach
  • Brings hand to mouth (In fact, not unlike Abbie the dog, he tries to put everything in his mouth)
  • Makes eye contact and follows objects with his eyes
  • Coos and gurgles spontaneously
  • Smiles (This is his dad’s favorite, especially since his smiles nowadays are mostly non-fart-related)

While not laughing in the face of developmental milestones, Kohl enjoys taking time out of his day for photo shoots with G-Daddy in their matching tiger tuxes and traveling to north Louisiana to meet his great grandparents, which is always special.

Lastly, Kohl’s mom went back to work so he had to start day care.  Instead of getting sad and missing his mommy, however, he has developed an interest in a dashing 8-month old gem named Lois.  It is no accident, therefore, that with Lois as his love interest, one of Kohl’s favorite activities is flying around the house, Superman style…

A tiny little hero

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