Small Head, Big Heart

A very wise man once observed that parents essentially save their children’s lives every single day for at least the first two years.  What a brilliant way of describing how helpless infants are.  Indeed, if Sarah or I decided to take the day off, Kohl would probably be a goner. Lucky for Kohl, though, we find the time to feed him, change him and basically ensure his survival.

He is very appreciative

And the little man is thriving.  He is on track developmentally and is hitting the few milestones that 2-monthers are supposed to hit. The only abnormality is that his head is a little on the small side, which is consistent with the neurological injury he had.  But it is growing, and that is good news.  Besides, his dad’s head is also abnormally small, and he’s still ridiculously good looking.

In the meantime, Kohl continues to give it 110%.  He was very happy to be coherent enough to meet his Aunt Mary Beth and Uncle Cris who he doesn’t get to see very often because they live in Tulsa.

Aunt Mary Beth has come a long way.  Behind her are the days when she would terrify Kohl’s dad by barging into his room and pretending to be a demon named “Mary Death.”  Now, she is a loving aunt.  People and demons alike are capable of change.

He also went to his first St. Patrick’s Day Parade where got to hang out with his Uncle Adam who might as well live in Tulsa since he has a rare condition in which he turns to dust if he leaves the Garden District neighborhood.

Uncle Adam happily put down his green “punch” during the St. Patrick’s Day celebration to pose with his nephew and, at last, make the blog.

We all continue to hope and pray that Kohl ends up having no residual effects from this neurological injury.  In the meantime, we are enjoying the ride.

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