It’s Good To Be King

Merriam Webster defines the term “swagger” as “arrogant or conceitedly self-assured behavior,” an “ostentatious display or bravado,” and/or a “self confident outlook.”  With all due respect to Noah Webster and the Merriam brothers, those explanations fall woefully short of defining swagger.

This, friends, is swagger:

Modeling what may be the greatest baby outfit ever made, young Kohl exudes confidence in his miniature Tiger Tux.

In keeping with his new-found confidence and swagger, Kohl’s reign over Chateau du Chrestman has continued in earnest.  His energy peaks between the hours of 2 – 5 am, and he sleeps peacefully the rest of the time, plotting the most amusing ways to torment his minions – a.k.a. Mom and Dad.  Some of his favorite methods of torture include “the binky dance” in which he sucks on his pacifier until it falls out, then wails until Mom or Dad places it back in his mouth.  He finds that this game is most amusing during the twilight hours.  Other favorites include a competitive diaper-filling contest to see how many diapers Dad can change in a 2-hour period when he arrives home from work and holding it until the very last minute just after he gets swaddled to unleash his bowels.  Simply hilarious!

Realizing that Mom and Dad do need an amusing respite, however, he does indulge them by doing cute things in his sleep.  He does The Thinking Man (or The Tebow), quasi-smiling, taking a nap on Dad’s chest and doing his best Al Bundy impression.

While not acting as the benevolent dictator of Chateau du Chrestman, Kohl spends time going to doctor’s appointments.  It will be another several weeks before he has another EEG, and we plan to have a second MRI done eventually.  For now, the only way to gauge his progress is by observation.  As mentioned above, he has imposed his will on the Chrestman family very quickly, and he is very alert.  He is even starting to hold his head up as he is doing here.

 These are all excellent signs.

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