Checked Into Chateau du Chrestman

After a tumultuous morning consisting of a circumcision and breaking out into baby acne, Kohl’s day took a turn for the better when he was finally discharged from the hospital and arrived home.  He seemed intrigued with the concept of direct sunlight on the walk in the parking lot to the car, and he was taking it all in during the car ride home until Mom and Dad’s personalized tour sent him off to dream land.
Mom and Dad’s boring city tour made his meeting with Abbie the Dog anticlimactic.  While Abbie was blown over with excitement, young Kohl slept right through it, including the part where Abbie attempted to playfully put one of his little feet in her mouth.  During every meltdown due to diaper or wardrobe changes, Abbie the dog darted upstairs to Kohl’s nursery, looking thoroughly confused at this creature that is so tiny, yet emits such loud noises and noxious odors.  But her confusion is also borne of love because her expression suggested that she desperately wanted to help console him.  Limited by the lack of opposable thumbs, however, Abbie simply sniffed his scalp and licked his face to let him know that she loves him.
It was a busy day, but here are a few sub-par pictures of the trip home:
Nothing like sleeping in your own bed
“Is it a chew toy or is it my tiny friend? As much as I love chew toys, I sincerely hope it is my friend.”
Kohl takes it all in during his city tour.  Seconds later, he would be fast asleep.
Ready for his journey

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