Check Out My Crib

You always hear parents lament how quickly their kids seem to grow up.   One minute, you’re changing their pampers and the next minute, they’re off to college.

To Nanna and Pop, it does not seem that long ago that Kohl’s dad was running around the bathroom naked and pretending to be a butterfly after bathtime, causing Pop to hold his head in his hand in utter disappointment.

It seems like only yesterday that G-Daddy and CeCe encouraged Sarah not to let her corrective leg braces stop her superpowers from being unleashed as She-ra the Warrior Princess:

With the sword, she battled the forces evil.  With the shield, she protected the meek.  She truly was the Princess of Power.
The Forrest Gump-esque leg braces did not make the Princess of Power any less lethal to her enemies.

It is indeed truly amazing how fast we all grow up.  Today was such a moment as Kohl transitioned to a big-boy crib.

The creepy lamb that hovers over Kohl doesn’t seem so imposing in the big boy crib.  Guess what, Lamb, Kohl is a big boy now, and he ain’t scared.

The crib might make him look even tinier than before, but the little man used it as motivation to gulp down 28 CCs of pure gold at this evening’s attempt at bottle feeding.  The doctor also decided to increase the frequency of his bottle feedings from twice a day to every other feeding.  Kohl’s discharge from the hospital seems like a not-too-distant reality, and he can finally meet his friend Abbie the Dog.

Wallowing in a constant state of depression, Abbie the Dog yearns for the day she can be bitten, poked, prodded, and ridden by one Kohler Henson Chrestman

 The miracle continues …

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