Bottles, Angry Ducks, and Light-hearted Laughter at Pop’s Expense

The bottling journey continued over the weekend.  The little fella took in 13 CCs on Saturday morning but decided to take the lazy man’s route and get tube fed his entire feeding at the 5:00 hour.  Then again, I wouldn’t have much of an appetite either if I was just held by this guy:

One of the wonderful nurses at Children’s decided, however, that Kohl got too much stimulation on Saturday which was affecting his ability to take the bottle.  So at 5:00 am today, she turned down the lights, set the mood a little more low key, and the hungry little dude took in 30 CCs – almost half of his full amount per feeding.  Great progress!  It looks like he just has a little stage fright.

And speaking of the big stage, Kohl’s grandfather Pop has proven himself to be quite the thespian. (The following has nothing to do with Kohl’s incredible progress and is strictly for the author’s personal amusement at Pop’s expense).

Pop’s place in Hollywood lore seemed almost predestined with his breakout performance as the Angel Gabriel in the Lakeview Presbyterian Church Christmas play in late 2011. In the video below, Pop continues a mastery of his craft by portraying the whole spectrum of human emotion.  From the sheer joy of a grandfather holding his grandchild for the first time to a complete disdain for having agreed to go with Nanna to see the famous Broadway musical, “Hairspray.”  All is captured here in a mere 21 seconds.

Now that we have picked on Pop enough, time for some more random pictures.  The other grandparents- Nanna, G-Daddy, and CeCe all got to hold Kohl for the first time this weekend, and the duck outfit Kohl wore has been added to diaper changes and bath time as things that Kohl strongly dislikes.

Arguably the most hip grandfather this side of the Mississippi, G-Daddy is loving his little man.  G-Daddy maintains that Kohl smiled at him this morning.  Even though the rest of us know that Kohl was just passing gas, he does seem to like his G-Daddy.
After numerous straw polls and months of suspense, CeCe has finally decided that her grandmother name will be CeCe.  Also pretty hip if you ask me.
Nanna might be small in physical stature, but her love for Kohl knows no bounds.
An angry duck

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