Black and Gold Prayers and Ruined Sweaters

Ah the trials and tribulations of bottle feeding.  The little Who Dat was not much in the mood for bottle feeding today.  I guess he had a little case of the Mondays after his bender this weekend.

On a positive note, dad finally got to hold Kohl in the Heisman pose which he has been waiting to do since day one.

Also, Kohl is obviously a rabid Saints fan as shown by the picture of him here praying for another Saints Superbowl win when we are at home in the dome.

Though his passion for the black and gold is apparent, he did not particularly enjoy being squeezed into the rather tight “Who Dat” outfit.

Given his dislike of tight clothing, at least this makes it less likely that he will ever wear skinny jeans.

But vengeance was Kohl’s as he peed on mom and dad in retribution, making G-Daddy’s day who was eagerly anticipating the day that Kohl would pee on dad.  He also added insult to injury by spitting up all over dad’s brand new Brooks Brothers sweater.  It was almost as if he said “I love the Saints, mom and dad, but you squeeze me in this stupid thing and you get peed on.  Simple as that.  Next time, I might not be so lenient and make it a number two.  Oh yeah, nice sweater dad.”

Touche, Kohl, touche.

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