An Action-Packed Memorial Day Weekend

Kohl celebrated his freedom by attacking his first Memorial Day weekend with the same intensity that a Marine battalion conducts an amphibious assault. And speaking of things that are amphibious, he got to go swimming for the first time while visiting his G-Daddy and CeCe in Lake Charles.

So it turns out that he loves swimming just about as much as he hates bath time.  Move over, Abbie the dog.  Your belly-flopping exploits in G-Daddy and CeCe’s pool are no longer the only show in town.  Yet another example of this attention-stealing tiny person raining in on your parade.

Swimming wore this tiny person out, but he rested up on the trip back to New Orleans so he could take his first trip to the zoo, which he has been wanting to do for months.  After getting strapped in and ready to go, he started to grow impatient when his Mommy decided to snap 1,823 pictures before even entering the zoo.

Alright, Mommy, this is the closest thing to a smile you’re going to get.  Sophie the giraffe and I were ready to do this thing like 17 minutes ago.

Following picture #1,824, the Chrestman family finally made their way into the zoo and had a wonderful time.  When Kohl was not receiving unsolicited factoids from his Mommy, such as why flamingos are pink, he took some time to pose with a family of gorillas.

He apparently shares his Dad’s fascination with the gorilla

After a busy Memorial Day weekend, Kohl then settled back into his normal routine of waking his Mom and Dad up literally seconds after they fall asleep, then again only minutes before their alarm clock goes off.  His domination continues.

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