A Series of Firsts Part Deux

As Kohl enters his tenth month, his parents realize how woefully inadequate the updates on his blog have been.  To our regular readers, please accept our sincerest apologies.  We took a little time off for some Fall cleaning and are now eager to get back into the swing of things with regular postings of the goings-on of young Kohler Henson Chrestman.

Without further ado and in no particular order, here are some highlighted new experiences the young fellow has had.

First Halloween – Taking advantage of those few years when a child has no say in what he or she is going to be for Halloween, Kohl’s mom and dad decided to dress him up as a baby penguin.  This decision was, in part, due to a complete lack of creativity.  His parents made the puzzling decision a few years ago to buy adult-sized penguin costumes.  Because of the substantial sum invested in the penguin suits, lack of planning and a general lack of creativity, Kohl’s parents, more often than not, dress up as penguins for Halloween.  So it was only fitting that the adult penguins would welcome a baby penguin into the family.

Kohl yearns for the day that he can vocalize his desires not to be dressed up like a penguin. He understands that this costume, particularly the top hat, will cause him to be ridiculed in years ahead.  Anyone who makes fun of him for his penguin costume, however, is sure to face the wrath of the man of steel pictured below.

First train ride – Kohl has always been intrigued by the inviting toot of the miniature red train that regularly trecks through City Park right across the street from Chateau du Chrestman.  Tired of playing spectator to this interesting contraption, he finally got to ride on it as a passenger.

First hurricane evacuation – Three things are certain when you live in New Orleans – death, taxes and hurricane evacuations.   Kohl was able to experience his first “hurrication” when that pesky Isaac fellow came in and ruined all our plans, forcing the Chrestman family to relocate temporarily to Lake Charles.  Through a bizarre turn of events, Kohl’s dad was forced to make the normally three hour trek back to New Orleans in five hours all while entertaining both the little fellow and Abbie the dog.  Man, Kohl’s dad is a good guy.

First trip to the Superdome – Kohl was still in the NICU during what was perhaps the most disappointing loss in recent Saints history.  And as Kohl gets indoctrinated by the black and gold way of life, he will surely be glad that he was sedated and intubated during that unfortunate playoff loss.

So it was with great anticipation that Kohl made his first trip to the dome.  He may have only lasted two quarters before defecating in his pants, but he left an indelible mark during his maiden voyage into Who Dat Nation headquarters.

Kohl is disappointed that it took so long for him to witness his first Saints win, but like his father, he retains his unshakeable optimism about a playoff run.

First Alabama loss – Thankfully, Kohl was enjoying his last few days in the womb during the sorriest excuse for a college football national championship game in recent memory.  That embarrassing loss affected all LSU fans, and even though he was still in his prenatal form, this little Tiger remembers it, and he was just as devastated when the Tigers fell short again this year.

Kohl could think of no other way to react to LSU’s devastating loss to Alabama than to feverishly suck on his pacifier.  That, however, did NOT pacify him.

But he quickly moved on while enjoying every second of Texas A&M’s dismantling of that fraud of a national championship contender just weeks ago.

Sometimes you just have to celebrate the little wins life hands you along the way.

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