A List of Firsts

Kohl has dominated the game of life the last few weeks and experienced a number of its pleasures for the first time.  He has discovered new family members erstwhile unknown, he has made new friends and he has enjoyed a number of new experiences, from his first Mardi Gras to his first shrimp poboy.  (No, he cannot eat solid food yet, but his mommy had a shrimp poboy from Parkway Bakery that Kohl undoubtedly later enjoyed in the form of poboy-flavored breast milk).

Here are several pictures documenting his exciting journey of the last few weeks:

Kohl takes a look at a giant Blue Dog and wonders, like the rest of us, what the big fuss is.
After being moderately entertained for one parade, Kohl was fast asleep in time for Bacchus, caring little about seeing Will Ferrell.  He too is of the view that Will Ferrell has not made a funny movie since his immortal performance in “Anchorman.”
Kohl and his friend Owen are intrigued with one another, and Kohl looks forward to when his friend moves back to New Orleans after a brief hiatus in Washington state.
He has no clue what this delicious shrimp poboy is that sits on top of him, but he will certainly enjoy it later in its more convenient breast milk form.
Like their dads, Kohl and Jack William (aka “J-Dubbs””) bonded instantly over a mutual love for the New Orleans Saints.  Unable yet to yell “Who Dat” while invading J-Dubbs’s personal space, Kohl uses the “Touchdown” signal to indicate his prediction that the 2012-2013 squad will have an even more prolific offense that will average 247 points a game and bring a second Lombardi to New Orleans while at home in the dome.
Unable to visit the tiny man in the NICU, Kohl’s cousins Tripp and Ellie finally meet him for the first time.  The feeling is mutual as Kohl is thrilled to meet the authors of the numerous works of art that decorated his room at the NICU.
Bearing an expression that shows a mixture of joy and almost paralyzing fear, Uncle Alex (the young, hip uncle) gets to hold his nephew for the first time.

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